J e t l a g R e c o v e r y T r e a t m e n t

Noodle Soup has become an institution in Taiwan, a cultural symbol of the ultimate hearty meal representing long life and prosperity. So how better to recover from a 8.5hr flight? Noodle Soup with a kick, after two meals of bland, bland ..bland airplane food we needed a kick of some kind.....and so we turned to Lao Den’s Dan Dan Noodles, for a prescription of Spicy Noodle Soup.

With varying levels of spicyness, your taste is specifically catered for, the photos above show little spice level of both the Spicy Noodle Soup and the dry Dan Dan noodle. The little side dishes are also a must with a selection shown of the steamed intestines(don't flinch its surprisingly delicious), fresh tofu and century egg and the staple chinese green vegies. 

Next, some fresh, fresh, fresh coffee was required. And we were lucky enough to be treated to a very interesting new wave of coffee shops based on dripped coffee. The coffee is prepared in front of you almost like a mini tea coffee ceremony. The waitresses or baristas? pours hot water into the filter in a clockwise circular motion from the centre out and back in, this makes the ground coffee bubble and foam due to the freshness of the bean. You are asked to taste the fresh filter dripped coffee without any accompaniments first, kind of like a coffee appreciation class. The coffee tray you are preseneted with does include milk and sugar to be used at the drinkers discretion.  Very fancy.

 The Tiramisu coffee on offer is also quite nice, like drinking a cake...hmmm. 

So all in all we are all recovered and ready for everything to come ....probably more rain. Remember if travelling to the island of Taiwan bring an umbrella to every outing even if its sunny outside. 

P.S. Yay! 1st post out into the abyss