T r a d i t i o n a l D e l i c a c i e s

On the weekend we took a stroll down the street ...Wait! let me explain this ‘stroll down the street’ quickly before we get into the food glorious food. Streets and lanes in Taipei do not always have footpaths or walkways and if they do they are usually quite narrow, so you usually find yourself navigating your way on the asphalt, weaving a path through parked cars, scooters, bikes and taxis, taxis, taxis! Added to all these obstacles did I mention it was the weekend; and so everybody is out and about. And I mean everybody! From toddlers with their doting parents, to procrastinating students, lost tourist, idle grandparents, loud aunties & uncles, cousins and cousins twice removed! You get the idea right? So against all the hustle and bustle of your typical Taipei sunday we made it to a busy Shanghai dim sum restaurant.

高記 Kao-chi is a family owned business, established about 60 years ago with just a humble food cart on the side of the road selling their traditional Shanghainese dishes. Today this spacious 3 storey restaurant is quite famous and draws crowds! 

We ordered the Pork Spare rib and the Cured Fish to start both delectable in their own way. The sticky sweet pork pieces were not over bearing but like a entree should starts your mouth watering. The fish is one of my mother-in laws' favourites, complete with strips of eggplant, the fish has the texture of a canned fish...err...an acquired tastes. Oh and the staple again - chinese green vegies.

The main events were the Steam Pork Dumplings/Xiao Long Bao, Shanghai Style Fried Pork buns and the Seafood noodle soup. The Xiao Long Bao on offer is quite delicious and totally comparable to the world reknown Din Tai Fung dumplings just around the corner. The dumpling skin is as thin as paper with the filling and soup inside melting in your mouth, you can't help but say...hmmmm yum!

Traditionally you can lightly dip the dumpling with your chop sticks into the ginger infused vinegar and then place it in the soup spoon, then adding a few strands of the ginger you eat it all up. But the highlight for me was the fried pork buns with soft fluffy dough and slightly crispy on the bottom. 

To finish we shared this seafood noodle soup, the soup base was quite light but flavoursome with soft noodles it reminded me of a dish my grandpa use to cook for us, it was perfect to end with. And so I end with it now ;)

But prepare yourselves for in depth post of Taipei Streetscape typologies! Ha! I can't help my self.


  1. omg...I have to go there next time :)

  2. yummm! (not sure about the cured fish tho)
    looks like you two are having an awesome time.
    strangely looking forward to the streetscape typologies!
    bring on more food+fun!