A n i m a l s ' R ' U s

The difference in living in a metropolis? ............There is always something going on. Whether its an art exhibition, a concert or..... a pet expo, what ever your interests are they are catered for. Political assasination attempts, earthquakes, celebrity spotting.  No but seriously...back to pet expos...we came across this exhibition while walking to the ‘second tallest building in the world’ Argh!
Its just not the same as .. The Tallest Buiding In the WORLD! 

Anywho...so we were walking down the street and kept seeing dogs ...or better yet owners pushing prams with their precious pups tucked inside. Hey! Look!  a Dachshund with a polka dot bow tie, and there a Beagle with googles, and a Poodle with matching shoes, ....and then ...a ferret on a leash. OK! it was decided we chose animals over shopping. I know its hard to believe but I can prioritise! Ha!
But what we saw inside was a shock to say the least! Expecting your everyday pet expo of dogs and cats we were treated to bright and spiky reptiles, slimy green amphibians, turtles and tortoises of every size.  

Spine tingling spiders....

And to my absolute delight!!!! SHIBA!

I'm still recovering from the disappointment of not walking away with this little shiba puppy in hand! But one day I will be the proud owner of a shiba without the bow ties, googles and shoes I promise.    

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  1. that is so cool. not the dog shoes though :S

    SHIBA!! i bet you were in pet heaven :)